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Elegant Design for the 21st Century

For many years Custom Lighting Concepts has provided architects, interior designers, lighting engineers, designers and their clients with carefully and accurately made lighting fixtures. With craftsmanship and quality materials Custom Lighting Concepts turned hundreds of blue-prints into fine exclusives luminairies. Custom Lighting Concept's technicians have been involved both in record setting projects and in meticulous restoration of fixtures of invaluable historical importance. In doing so they have accumulated in the process a wealth of experience. This experience is available to you.

Custom Lighting Concepts is equipped for and experienced in working with a large variety of metals: steel, cast iron, aluminum, brass, copper, etc. and most metal finishes, hard woods, thermo formed and etched glass, resins, acrylics, acetates and other plastics. Rather than making the success of your project depend on a series of subcontractors, Custom Lighting Concepts is equipped to make 90% of the average project in house. In doing so, they created and continued a reputation of reliability and responsability.

No matter how challenging your project is, no matter how unusual the scale, the materials or the technology we will turn your project into reality.